3D Avatars

Figure Forms Virtual Fit Forms (Avatars)

With the increasing trend of 2D CAD and 3D garment simulation systems coming into use in the apparel industry, Figure Forms is adapting to the need to supply our forms as virtual avatars.

3D garment simulation is best implemented when the Virtual Avatars match and are used in conjunction with your brand fit standard and your brand fit forms, things that are critical in driving a better product. (Not just in measurements, but consistency in posture and body shape distribution). This will help ensure consistency across the supply chain from design and product development to production and quality assurance processes.

Our Virtual Avatars are consistent replicas of the physical fit forms and match them perfectly in measurement specifications, posture and body shape. The Virtual Avatars can be enhanced with additional features such as a head, hands, and feet that may not be found on the physical forms.

Figure Forms is working in conjunction with many of the leading garment simulation systems to bring these solutions to our customers when required.

Successful implementation will increase the speed of design-to-market. Many issues can be correct and adjusted virtually before any physical samples are sewn, leading to much greater savings for manufacturers and retailers alike.

For pricing, options and more information please contact us.