Figure Forms is a leading manufacturer of high quality professional dress forms and industrial fit mannequins.

With over 32 years supplying and consulting to the global apparel industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of sizing and apparel industry trends.

Figure Forms dress forms are manufactured to the highest quality and accuracy, with realistic anatomical shape and definition borne from our experience and understanding of human anatomy combined with years of garment fit trials.

We have an extensive selection of models across different categories – gender, size, age, body type and region.

Our products are used and trusted by countless global brands, apparel manufacturers, and retailers to improve and streamline product development, standardise sizing and fit, improve communication within the business, and contribute to cost-saving by reducing product development processes and improving speed to market.

Our affordable products are also highly popular with a great number of smaller fashion businesses, independent designers, fashion schools and students.

We offer custom development services for brands and retailers (or even individuals) who have custom needs specific to their market.

Figure Forms now also offers 3D Virtual mannequins (avatars), consistent with their corresponding physical mannequins, for use in some of the leading software solutions used for design, virtual assessment and visualisation.

What makes Figure Forms stand out from the crowd?

  • Anatomically accurate body shapes for improved fit and product development
  • Highest quality materials and features for greater functionality
  • Extensive range of models and sizes to choose from
  • Good production lead times with the ability to cater production from single- to large-quantity orders, yet maintaining accuracy and quality.
  • Personal service and attention to detail, no customer is too small or too big.
  • Custom development capabilities from adaptation of existing fit forms, 3D modelling of body scans or generated avatars from size analyses.
  • 3D Virtual Mannequins for use in virtual design, fit assessment and visualization software programs.